Crime Novel

SNOWTRAIN – A book (Crime Novel) by Kai Schuurmans  -  ISBN 978-3-033-03430-3  (Paperback 271 pages)

“a new kind of crime”

The first snow of winter is celebrated in an alpine valley containing three small villages. While many of the locals gather in the warmth of Joe’s Pub, the continuing heavy snowfall prompts senior police officer Eric Powell to close and lock the boom at the mountain pass into the valley, effectively sealing it off from the outside world. Meanwhile, farmer Tony Berger sets off in his trusty Puch 4×4, with the snowplough attached to it, to clear the roads in and between the villages. But Tony’s Puch breaks down, and newcomer John Custer is summoned to help tow it back. This results in the discovery of a crashed car in the ravine below the Valley Bridge. The driver is missing, and what at first seems to be an unfortunate accident in bad weather soon turns out to be something else entirely. A novel about snow, secrets . . . and cars.

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